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Did you know?

An Associated Press reports states that tree watching is a sure cure for stress.

Sound obvious?  Maybe.  But a research study by the University of Delaware proves conclusively that humans that look at nature-trees, grass, babbling brooks, and the like-benefit by reducing stress levels in a very short amount of time. 

In this study, a team of professors asked 120 college students about workshop accidents.  Those who followed the film viewing with a healthy dose of tree watching showed reduced stress levels within minutes.

Some quick and easy tips for the Spring/Summer of 2004

Spring Summer

Think of the months ahead.  If you are planning to add or rearrange beds, outline the shapes with a hose, then turn over the soil and add organic matter to increase nutrients.      Tour your garden, pen and paper in hand and jot down improvement ideas.  Should a border be straight not scalloped?  Do you want paths to guide the way?  Would a garden ornament produce needed interest?
Grow at least one plant you've never attempted before.  It might be a groundcover, such as heather or vinca.      Study your garden at dusk to see if it still makes magic.  You might put in fragrant white blooms that glow in the dark - Nicotiana maybe or a moonflower vine.
Introduce vertical interest via trellises, arbors and tuteur's, then plant morning glories or love-in-a-puff to climb over them.

As weather warms, move houseplants outside, putting them in large containers and tubs or on tiered stands. Add pots of fragrant herbs, perhaps rosemary or basil, to the mix

Is this the year to dig a pond or invest in a table and chairs for outdoor dining?
     If you want to grow something slightly different, consider dramatic plume poppies, Macleaya cordata, which soar to 6 feet and have magnificent gray-green leaves topped with feathery spikes of tiny white flowers.  Or plant  Actinidia kolormitka,  a hardy twining climber with oval, heart-shaped, leaves that look as if they're splashed with pink and white paint. 

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  • Spokane, WA
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